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Spiritual roots

St Monica Trust's Pastoral Care team is committed to the spiritual well-being of all residents, regardless of faith, in an open and inclusive way.

Their aim is to offer a distinctive service where residents feel free to share their concerns, hopes, joys and frustrations as they adjust to changing circumstances. This is open to all residents, whether from a faith background or not and regardless of ethnic origin or religious affiliation.

How Pastoral Care works

The Pastoral Care team are open and inclusive, non-sectarian and non-judgemental in their approach and work closely with our care teams. They will:

  • Listen in confidence.
  • Work from your perspective.
  • Encourage participation.
  • Suggest practical solutions.
  • Seek to affirm your spiritual values.
  • Assist in identifying your particular spiritual need at end of life.

    Worship at Cote Lane takes the form of weekly communion, regular services in every house, opportunities for group discussion and special events. Weekly services are also held at Westbury Fields and Monica Wills House and fortnightly at Sandford Station.

    If you have any questions regarding Pastoral Care at St Monica Trust, please contact Andrew Norris on 0117 949 8702 or