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About us

Our services promote independence, dignity and fulfilment and the Trust regularly sets benchmarks for the very best practice in the care and support of older people.

Founded as a charity in 1925 to buy a small rest home for ‘five or six missionary friends’, we now run four retirement communities and a successful care at home service.

With award-winning village accommodation, care homes, specialist short term care facilities, domiciliary care and dedicated dementia facilities, the Trust is a vibrant, innovative organisation.

The Trust provides financial support to 1,600 individuals and over the next five years our Community Fund will be increased to award £1.2 million annually to help improve the lives of disadvantaged older people.

As an organisation we want to continue to provide world class care, facilities and support for older people. We want to find new and better ways to be responsive to our residents’ and customers’ needs, allowing innovation to flourish. We also want to maintain sustainable, efficient and responsive estates, infrastructures and technology.

Much may have changed over the last 90 years, but by recognising and celebrating our history, we will ensure that we always stay true to the vision on which the Trust was founded.

To paraphrase the Trust’s motto, “Tempus Fugit, Caritas manet” - time may have flown, but the love will always remain.