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St Monica Trust is 'Best in Sector'

The St Monica Trust recently became the highest scorer in the UK's healthcare sector in its annual Hospitality Assured assessment.

The Bristol-based charity retained its Hospitality Assured Premier status for the fifth consecutive year with its highest-ever score of 76.3%.

'The best place I've ever worked'

In their report, the Hospitality Assured assessors said of the Trust: “There exists within St Monica a strong desire to achieve high levels of excellence in all that the organisation attempts to do.

"Everyone helps others to achieve the goals of the organisation and a number of staff described St Monica Trust as 'the best place I've ever worked.”

Annual assessment

Hospitality Assured is a quality standard which encourages businesses to look at their own operation from the customer’s perspective.

Their annual assessment took place over two days and involved a review of the Trust’s operations in Facilities, Marketing and Human Resources.

The Trust was then scored against nine different criteria including, business planning, service delivery and customer satisfaction improvement.

The secret of our success

Head of facilities, Ian Joyner, is in no doubt as to where the secret of the Trust’s success lies: “It's all down to the hard work that individual colleagues and teams have put in on a daily basis over the last five years.

“We have a well-established team culture across the Trust with a positive approach to customer service.

"That is what the assessors recognised and our recent accreditation as 'best in sector' in the Hospitality Assured assessment is a truly remarkable achievement.”