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Environmental policy

St Monica Trust Careful With Resources

St Monica Trust has provided high quality accommodation, care and support services for older and disabled people for over 85 years. Today the charity operates a wide range of services on multiple sites and is a vibrant, innovative organisation.

St Monica Trust recognises that the use of natural resources in its delivery of services, their associated emissions to air, land and water, as well as the generation of waste will have a negative impact on the environment. The Trust actively seeks to minimise the impact of its use of these resources to prevent pollution and ensure continuous improvement.

The Trust measures its performance annually against 12 areas (milestones) one of which is environmental impact.

The measures we use for environmental impact are as follows and can be linked directly to the resources we use the most:

  •  Emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere
  • % of waste produced that is diverted from landfill
  • Volume of water used

Actions and work targets to reduce our environmental impact are held and reviewed within our current Strategic Plan and will be measured against baseline performance figures established at the end of 2011.

Overall our commitment to reducing our environmental impact can be summarised and communicated as being ‘Careful with Resources’.

Furthermore, the charity will preserve, protect and encourage biodiversity on Trust estates and ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements as a minimum level of performance.

The Trust believes that environmental management contributes to delivering the organisation’s mission of ‘achieving well-being through innovative care, support and accommodation’ by supporting the delivery of sustainable positive living environments.